Tuesday, November 11, 2008

New POCKET cover

This work is for commercial advertising magazine POCKET in Hermosillo Sonora. I did the cover for their first issue, check back a few posts for it... and now this one is for their november issue, that has two skeletons dancing cumbia norteña celebrating the day of the dead, wich is pretty big tradition here in mexico. Some space was left in the top for the magazine title. So here you go, hope you enjoy this little taste of life here in my country, the north especially.

If you want to advertise here in hermosillo please send an e-mail to: pocket.hillo@live.com.mx . You'll be in good hands. cheers!

1 comment:

Daniel Teran said...

Felicidades Señor Villa!
Ta bien curado esta obra!, estas muertes norteñas son la onda! Espero toparme con algun ejemplar ahora que vaya a Hillo.
Buen trabajo Señor! que curado el post anterior tambien, jejeje recuerdo el dia que lo terminaste de hecho. Muy interesante estudio de la secuencia..